Saurav Pal

I am an electronics engineer turned certified cloud expert with 9+ years of experience in India and UAE.

Back in 2019, I quit my high-paying job in Dubai to start helping corporate professionals across the nation. I believed that I could do much more and so, I made the major decision to explore new avenues in my career with a lot of enthusiasm and faith in myself.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I run one of India’s largest communities for working professionals (both IT and non-IT) with over 8000 enrolled members. I have also trained more than 120,000 people in my online and offline workshops in the past 3 years. The principles, strategies, and tactics that I teach my trainees are the same ones that I used to accelerate my own career path.

I started my first job with HCL at a salary of 10,552/- per month. But I didn’t stop there. Within just the first 4 years of my journey, I was able to reach a yearly package of 35 Lakhs despite facing a lot of struggles and hardships. My mantra was to observe everything around me and fill in the gaps to make my own path to success.

During this initial journey, I changed my job three times and was able to achieve salary jumps of 110%, then 321%, and finally 450%. I have decoded all the steps to successfully clear any interview along with achieving a massive salary hike. My enthusiasm for learning new things and my fearless attitude to try and get things done earned me the title of “Hike Specialist of India.”

I was once a beginner, but I was smart enough to incorporate the good things around me and to deal with the bad to make the best of them. I pack all of my proven principles, methods, and tactics into my training programs to help people strategically kickstart and crack multiple job offers within 3-5 months of rigorous preparation. Thousands of members of my community have set the benchmark of easily achieving salary hikes in the range of 80% to 300% after going through my step-by-step coaching and training.

In today’s competitive market, achieving such great numbers in the corporate world is still a dream for many employees, and I am the one who is teaching my students how to fulfill their dream and get their desired package from various renowned companies and MNCs. My students have been placed with companies such as Amazon, Salesforce, Volvo, Samsung, EY, Deloitte, Mindtree, SimpliLearn, Ranbaxy, Reliance, IBM, and many more. With my mentorship, my mentees are able to crack top-notch interviews efficiently and are ready for the market needs.

My students are assets to the market and to the organizations. I am even mentoring my mentees for overseas opportunities, and a few of them have successfully moved to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Vietnam, London, and the USA. I am able to help students from the top 6 English-speaking countries and they are able to crack high-end interviews very easily.

I am on a mission to empower 1 million lives by helping them achieve at least a 100% salary hike with my strategic guidance. The key areas that I focus on in my training programs are: interview preparation, salary negotiation skills, HR objection handling, profile optimization, fail-proof follow-up system, LinkedIn profile ranking, automation-based job hunting, attracting organic interview calls, how to deal with long notice period issues, career gaps, domain changes, and much more.

My real intent behind this initiative is to redefine the approach on how people move forward in their career paths because I believe that our traditional education system is completely outdated. We live in a fast-paced digital world where learning, unlearning, and relearning is the only way to make progress. I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to bring reforms to society, but their traits are often recessive. I took the initiative to convert these recessive traits into dominating traits.

I am the founder of “Massive Hike Formula” (my mentorship program) and it went viral among working professionals because it is not just a course, but rather a full-proof, result-oriented system that strategically trains professionals to attract more qualified interview calls and then close them with high CTC job offers. It covers step-by-step guidance with “laser-focus video tutorials” as well as live online sessions by me. This is the most comprehensive employability program for growth, increased salary and income, respect, positioning, overseas opportunities, and much more.

I am also the co-author of the book “Rise and Shine.” With the launch of this book, we are inspiring youth in a different way by showing them how they can become highly successful by focusing on unconventional career options. More than 20,000 copies of this book were sold within the first few weeks after the launch.